Entry: Craft Trends Aug 20, 2007

2008 craft trends according to the Craft Association:

- Handmade crafting is still in, but people are looking for items that are simple and elegant.

- If crafting for the home, try pink and very bright colors.

- Simple and conservative is the way to go. Embellish with small simple motifs, ribbon, embroidery and monograms.

- The distressed look is out.

- Beading is in.

- Paper crafting is taking on a simple, elegant look. Less is more.

- Scrapbooking products are a hot ticket item. Handmade greeting cards are elegant, upscale with attention to detail.

- Metal crafting is in.

- New offerings in elegant yarns is giving needle crafting a boost in popularity.

- Mixed Media Collage is in. A mixture of crafting and fine art. (I am excited about this one,)

- Themes: self indulgence, self esteem, spirituality, communication, positive energy, beauty and everything women hold dear,

- One of a kinds are appealing to this population,

- Art Quilting is in. (I have been afraid to try this but I'm really fascinated.)

- Faux painting on any and everything is in.

- Urban culture is influencing crafting more and more.

- Stripes and polka dots are in.

- The safari look is out.

- The new modern look includes a mixture of nature and texture.

Wow, I can't believe it has been a year since my last post. I've been doing a little here and there. And now that I can add photos, I will go back and post a few of my projects. Until next time ... Happy Crafting!


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