Entry: August Update Aug 8, 2006

I still haven't done anything on my Christmas list yet. Although I did purchase a couple of gifts this weekend to give to friends and coworkers. I have to start and finish a miniature painting this month for a group that I am a part of. I've found one of my old sketches that I wanted to do in watercolor - so, I guess I will do that.

A miniature is a very small painting; usually no more than 5x7 inches. Historically, miniatures were painted on vellum for use on greeting cards. These are also easily framed and displayed. Miniature artists, Holbein the Younger, Isaac Oliver and Samuel Cooper, were known for the incredible details in their miniatures.

I've got some pictures of past and present crafts that I would like to share and I will post them soon. I recently stumbled onto this Learn How to Paint site of Darrell Crow. He offer a free DVD on painting water themes in oil.


Just click on the FREE DVD link and enter your mailing information to receive it. I've found it very informative but I still haven't made time to sit down with it and use it.

Well, until next time ...

Happy Crafting!


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